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Best Quality Barley


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Barley Quick Details

Type:                         Barley                   
Style:                          dried
Max. Moisture (%):  14
Drying Process:       AD
Broken Ratio (%):   0
Place of Origin:        Buenos Aires, Argentina
Brand Name:            CEBADA FORRAJERA
Barley malts:             Dried Malts
Color:                          Yellowish
Barley Feed for Animals:  CATTEL
Crop:                              Current Year
Purity:                             100 %
White,Yellow,Brown:    Barley Supply
Packaging:                     Customized
PROTEIN:                     8,5% min
Usage:                             Anumal Comsuption

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details
Bags of 40 kgs. 
Bigs Bags
Bahia Blanca, Rosario/ Douala, Cameroon


Barley is a cereal of great importance food for both animals and human consumption. In Argentina, the suitable area to produce barley is located mostly in Buenos Aires, followed by South of Santa Fe, South of Cordoba, Northeast of La Pampa, and a small part of San Luis. Its production has been growing considerable in the last years because of its demand in both animal nutrition (forage barley) and beer industries (brewing barley). The latter has been boosted because of the Breweries. Argentine Barley is well known for its quality, which it is the result of the perfect environment conditions where the production takes place.

Metric tons 25/30 tns
Packing Bulk or in bags of 25-40 kgs
Type cereal
Style dried
Colour beige

High quality Argentine Barley


Best Quality Barley moisture harvest 

To reduce harvesting delays the grain can be direct harvested at a moisture content above 12% and then placed under aeration to maintain quality or passed through a grain dryer to reduce its moisture content to a level that can be safely stored.

Malting barley can be harvested once the grain has reached physiological maturity (dough stage) and when the moisture content is no more than 18%. Harvesting at a moisture level above this is limited by the ability of most harvesters to successfully thresh grain from the head.

We have strive in producing the best quality Barley as regulated and we have met the demands and production quality.


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