Roasted Soybeans for Animal Feed for sale
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Roasted soybeans for Animal feed  (Soybeans Rich in proteins)

Packed with protein roasted soybeans for animal feed for sale, they are a good alternative for those with lactose intolerance or who simply desire to cut down on eating meat products. We supply all types of animal feeds like soybeans, corn, feed pellets, organic chicken and also products for poultry and other lives stocks. we shall be given you the product details for animal soybeans.

Soybeans complete Product Details

Product Type:    Soybeans
Style:                   Dried
Drying Process:  AD
Packaging:          BULK, Can (Tinned), TANK, Vacuum Pack
Cultivation Type:   COMMON
Weight (kg):            1
Shelf Life:         12 months
Place of Origin:      China
Brand Name:        Certified Animal Feed
Model Number:   Certified Animal Feed
Supply Ability:    20 Ton/Tons per Week
Packaging Details:   Bales (150Kg – 200kg)

Specifications for Soybean Meal 46% Protein (ANEC 71)

Basis……..%  protein and fat combined but maximum 2% fat, Maximum 3% deficiency beyond contractually agreed specification for protein and fat combined;

Basis…………… 12.5% moisture, maximum 13%;

Basis…………… 7% fibre, maximum 1% excess;

Basis……………1% sand and silica, maximum 2%;

Maximum………..7% ash;

Maximum urease activity………. 0.5 mg/N/G/MIN at 30 degrees centigrade;

SoyBean Meal  (ANIMAL FEED)

Ureasic Activity:  0,10 mgn/G
Fiber:                     4,00 %
Moisture:              10,40%
Fat:                         2,04%
Protein:                45,58%
KOH:                    79,90%
Aflatoxin:           <2 PPB (B1, B2, G1, G2)
Foreign matter :  00.00 %Ureasic Activity: 0,10 mgn/G

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